Angel Session

Angel Session

Angel of healing

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. Depending on your circumstances, the good times may be overshadowed by the bad. If not given the necessary attention, this can greatly interfere with the quality of your life and relationships.

It is, therefore, necessary to find healing whenever you’re hurting. More importantly, it’s essential to learn how to speak out when you feel hurt. Even though the other person may fail to see your point at times, speaking out helps get the burden off your chest. It is the first step towards healing that makes it possible to move on in life.

Sometimes, however, it becomes tough to get over your pain and frustration. Everything seems to remind you of your hurt feelings. Rather than find healing, your wound is constantly aggravated and cuts deeper. If this is your story, you’ve come to the right place. This article will address the angel of healing, angel healing meditation, and prayer. When all else seems to be failing, through meditation and prayer, the angel of healing will work to help you find peace. Read on to find out how.

Who is the angel of healing?

Archangel Raphael is known as the angel of healing. In his work, he helps unburden you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. His compassion brings the afflicted closer to God, giving them a chance to experience His peace. 

Often, Archangel Raphael is generally associated with laughter and happiness, which are considered a result of healing. Archangel Raphael can help you, love, overcome challenges, and keep you safe over and above healing. The name Raphael ( rəp̄āʾēl  God has healed), Israfil, and Rafail are some of the terms used to refer to Archangel Raphael. 

Israfil is traditionally attributed to a trumpet positioned on angel Raphael’s lips, ready to announce the resurrection day. The healing Raphael is recognized as the Archangel of Tobit. In the Torah, Raphael is one of the three angels that appeared to Abraham in Hebron. During this time, the angel of healing was sent to heal Abraham and save Lot. Rashi wrote that although Raphael’s mission included two different tasks, it was considered a single mission because both acts were performed to save people.

In the book of Tobit, Raphael is generally associated with healing in the Old and New testament. He is also identified as one of the seven angels who stand before the Lord. As such, he is worshipped as Saint Raphael the Archangel.

The Seven Angels of God

Religions consider the identification of angels as spiritual beings. In all religions, angels are there to help you achieve your purpose in life. They see beyond the mistakes you’ve committed and your situation in life. Unlike ordinary human beings, they are ready to help whenever you call upon them.

On the other hand, archangels are more potent than ordinary angels. Archangels are considered commanders of different armies of angels. They are also healers and guides who intervene in different situations. As such, each Archangel has an area of specialty where they offer help. Although their exact number remains unknown, most religions and faiths consider seven archangels. Each of these archangels goes by different names. However, a similarity emerges in the way various religious texts describe their unique abilities.


Within the angelic realm, archangel Michael is considered a powerful protector. He is the guardian angel for mercy, righteousness, and justice. Archangel Michael is often depicted holding a sword. He intervenes to help release fear, doubt, and anxiety where safety and confusion are a challenge.

He supports you through challenges by offering guidance, courage, direction, energy, and motivation. Archangel Michael works closely with healers to help bring vitality to all aspects of your life.


Angel Gabriel is often depicted as a female archangel holding a trumpet. She is the guardian of communication, conveying messages from heaven to people on earth. Archangel Gabriel brings motivation and confidence for self-expression through writing, singing, body language, and talking.


The primary specialty of Archangel Raphael is emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. More to healing individual pain, archangel Raphael works closely with physicians to help them in their profession. To maintain peace and harmony, angel Raphael enables you to overcome illness, addiction, and other injuries.

He also watches over pilgrims to ensure their safety as they journey from one place to another. Together with archangel Michael, Raphael works to relieve any fear that may affect your general well-being.


As the general counselor, archangel Uriel helps clear any darkness and bring light into your life. As such, he enables you to overcome any form of toxicity, including negative emotions, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve you. 

You can also call upon Archangel Uriel when faced with natural disasters. In such cases, he intervenes by helping avert calamities that may disrupt human life.


Archangel Jophiel is the guardian of beauty. She helps create and maintain beautiful thoughts and emotions. When you call upon her, you can stay positive and manifest what you want in your physical space.

She also heals negativity, tames your ego, brings calm and order to different areas of your life. Archangel Jophiel helps you see things in a different light when you invoke her name for wisdom.


Are you tired of being weighed down by anxiety? Are you looking for peace to help solve misunderstandings and help repair your relationship? Archangel Chamuel is there for you! His sole mission is to bring peace by protecting you from fear and negative energy.

Trust Archangel Chamuel for the courage to face challenges, find purpose, support, love, new beginnings, and solutions to problems.


Commonly referred to as the angel of death, Archangel Azrael does much more than “take souls away.” In addition to helping newly crossed-over souls adjust, Azrael enables you to deal with grief. He also guides spiritual teachers on grief counseling.

By doing this, Azrael shields them from absorbing the pain of those they serve. Where transition is inevitable, Archangel Azrael intervenes to make sure you go through it successfully. This help is not limited to death alone.

What is Saint Raphael the Archangel known for?

Raphael the Archangel is known for performing acts that saved people in the book of Tobit and the Torah. In the book of Tobit, Saint Raphael helped Tobiah save his wife, Sarah. Archangel Raphael healed Tobiah’s father, and in the apocryphal book of Enoch, he is said to have healed the world when it was ruined by sin.

Raphael, the archangel saint, is associated with an unnamed angel mentioned in the New Testament. This angel moved the healing waters of the sheep pool. Hence, he is the patron of the sick and the healers as well. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth prominent angel. The Quran identifies Israfil, Raphael, as the trumpeting angel.

Symbolically, Archangel Raphael is represented by the color green. If you’re seeking him in earnest, be on the lookout for the appearance of a green hue that radiates warmth around you. The angel of healing may appear this way physically or in your dreams. In paintings, Archangel Raphael is often depicted holding a fish and a rod. This depiction references his journey with Tobias, as mentioned in the Tobit. The angel of healing was venerated on 29 September -24 October, local Roman calendar between 1921 and 1969. Presently, Archangel Raphael is venerated on 29 September by various believers.

Archangel Raphael Healing Prayer

Throughout your journey on earth, angels are present to help whenever you’re in need. One of the most significant experiences is an encounter with the angel of healing and his life-saving acts. Archangel Raphael is always there in your time of need. During desperate times, you may find comfort when you call upon him for help.

Invoking the angel of healing through this prayer helps alleviate your suffering, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Archangel Raphael is also called upon to heal relationships that are on the verge of breaking. The most commonly used prayers are the angel healing prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel and the consecration prayer.

Angel Healing Prayer to Archangel Raphael

The short individual prayer for healing to Raphael the Archangel is:

Saint Raphael the Archangel, the arrow of medicine and divine love, wound my heart, I implore you, with the burning love of God, and let this wound never heal, so that even in daily life, I may overcome all things through love. Amen.

Archangel Raphael healing meditation

When meditating, archangel Saint Raphael supports you by facilitating connection with the divine healing light. This helps restore your mind, body, and soul, making it possible to move on in life. Archangel Raphael’s healing meditation begins by invoking him to your side to heal and bring balance to anything that needs loving care.

While doing this, you should focus your mind on his presence and work on controlling your breathing to help calm you down. Once you’re calm, you’re able to feel the presence of the angel of healing. The more you relax and let yourself loose in his company, the more you open up to receive the healing of Raphael the Archangel.

As you inhale, you take in the healing energy around you. You can then direct this healing to the part of your body that needs it. Visualize the negative energy within leaving your body as you exhale. Exhaling this negative energy makes room for the much-needed vitality your body needs to overcome whatever you’re going through.

On your next inhale, breathe in the healing, love, respect, and honor accorded by archangel Raphael. The angel of healing sees past your mistakes and holds you in high regard as you busk in this healing glory. Continue meditating in silence, keeping an ear out for guidance that may come through words, thoughts, visions, and feelings.

Signs from Archangel Raphael

The identification of Raphael is made possible by several signs that announce his presence when called upon. These are meant to alert you to his presence so you can receive comfort and healing when you need them most.

The Color Green

The color green has often been used in the identification of Raphael. You will see this color as flashes of light, sparkles, or a waterfall when he is near. 

For some people, visualizing this green light around them is part of how they invoke the angel of healing. They see this light moving over their bodies on parts that require healing, and there is immediate relief.

Raphael’s Name in Unexpected Places

Are you in a dire situation that needs particular help? Have you called upon Archangel Raphael and asked for his intervention – a sign of his healing presence in your life? If only for your peace of mind? 

As you go about your duties, something grabs your attention, and you see the angel’s name somewhere totally unexpected. This is the angel of healing announcing his presence to you!

Seeing Raphael as a Physical Being

Sometimes, angels appear to you in dreams and visions. During this time, you see them as physical apparitions intervening in whatever situation you need them to. 

If your daytime environment is chaotic in any way, whether noisy or too busy, it is normal to see Archangel Raphael at night when you’re more relaxed and settled.

Vibrations, Heat, and Tingling

When Archangel Raphael is working on your healing, a cold sensation, followed by heat and tingling, is normal. Tingling warmth is the angel’s way of letting you know to relax as he works for your wholeness. 

Sometimes, a feeling of rapid vibrations accompanies these sensations. These vibrations help transfer the angel’s healing energy throughout your body for healing restoration.

Finding Helpful Material Where You Least Expect it

People who have had an encounter with Raphael are left in awe of his sense of humor. When the angel of healing requires your attention, he will grab it by any means necessary, even if it means making random objects like books appear right where you are. 

Such material contains information on wellness, affirmations, and anything else that could help address your situation.

Hearing Sounds

More to seeing Archangel Raphael in physical form, it is possible to hear him speak to you. Such communication can happen through a poem, lyrics to a song, or words of comfort from an unseen source. 

After calling upon the angel of healing, the sounds you hear may appear as whispers in your ear or voices in your head. These are signs of the angel communicate his presence to you, making sure you experience his presence and receive healing in fullness.

The Most Powerful Angels

When looking at how angels are regarded in various religions, the information would be incomplete without mentioning the most powerful angel.

The angelic realm is divided into three hierarchical spheres, The first, second and third. Different angels and archangels reside in each sphere. Angels are ranked differently in these spheres, according to their seniority in the hierarchy. However, an archangel can belong to more than one rank.

First Sphere

The first hierarchy of the angelic realm consists of angels that are closest to God. They are given specific instructions and act on His behalf. Angels in this rank include:


This is the highest class of angels who serve as caretakers of God's throne.


The Cherubim keep an eye on the throne of God and the Garden of Eden. In the Garden, they guard the way to the tree of life.


These are living representations of God's authority and justice. They are elders in the kingdom of God, believed to execute His will and represent your supplications before Him.

Second sphere

Angels in the second sphere are rulers in the spiritual realm. They provide guidance and rule souls residing in the spirit world. They also serve at the pleasure of God, the archangels, and angels in the upper hierarchy. Ranks in this sphere are:

Dominions or Lordships

These angels have low contact with human beings. Often, they are represented as beautiful humans with a pair of feathered wings. Their work is to synchronize the duties of angels for the perfect will of God.

Virtues or Strongholds

Angels in this rank are sent to perform the will of God through miracles and signs. Their performance helps pass God's messages in a way that human beings can understand.

Powers or Authorities

The work of Authorities is to supervise the movement of heavenly bodies to ensure they maintain order. They are represented as soldiers who work against evil spirits, casting them to places of confinement.

Third Sphere

Angels in this rank serve the physical world. They perform tasks and activities to help humans. A strong bond develops between them and humans as they carry out orders from the upper angelic spheres. 

The most notable activity of angels in this sphere is to act as heavenly guides, protectors, and messengers who bequeath blessings to people on earth. 

They include:


Archangels are the first in rank and power. Their main concern is with countries and issues surrounding them, including politics and commerce. Archangel Michael is the highest-ranking and strongest Archangel who is often represented as a protector. Archangels govern principalities.

Principalities or Rulers

Principalities are considered guardian angels. They protect and guide nations and other groups of people, including the church. They also supervise the actions of angels to make sure they fulfill their divine duties. Guardian angels have the strongest connections with humans in the physical and spiritual realm.


These are the lowest ranking being in the angelic realm. They are charged with guardianship for humanity. As such, some angels in this rank are personal guardian angels who specifically watch over you to ensure your safety. Angels are renowned in many religions as they are charged with humanity's well-being. The angels mentioned in this article are only a fraction of those recognized in different beliefs. You can achieve divine connection with angels through frequent prayer, meditation, and reading to learn more about their attributes and relevance. In return, angels communicate to you through the various signs mentioned above. By doing this, they let you know they're near and have your back through whatever situation you face.

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