Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Cleansing

Chakras are energy points located along the spinal column in your body. There are seven main chakras spread across your spine. The first is located at the base of your spine while the rest extend upwards to your head’s crown. Learn more about chakras here, along with information on the roles of each in your life.

Chakras are transmitters and receptors that allow the flow of positive, healing energy throughout your body. Each chakra is connected to major glands, organs, and muscles. As such, chakras affect your physical, mental, and emotional health, making it necessary to keep them in check.

When open and balanced, chakras ensure your overall well-being. They operate at the highest frequency to attract abundance, promising opportunities, and relationships and foster good mental and physical health. On the other hand, you can have depleted or too much energy flowing in one chakra. This can have adverse effects on different parts of your body.

Blocked chakras manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. Lack of positive energy flow within your body opens you up to recurring problems and negative patterns. Without professional help, these pose challenges that affect your life by making it harder than it should be. Additionally, the interference these challenges cause keeps you from living out your dreams.

What is Chakra Cleansing?

Chakra cleansing is a way to eliminate any blockages that interfere with the flow of energy in your chakras. It helps clear any excess or negative energy to make sure these energy centers are balanced.

How do you know when your chakras are blocked? What techniques are available to help unblock them? Are there benefits to having cleansed chakras?

This article will answer these and more questions to help you fully comprehend chakras, how they operate and how to take care of them.

Ways to Tell if Your Chakras are Blocked

The different chakras in your body play different roles. To know if your chakras are blocked, you need to identify the indicators for each chakra. You can recognize these indicators by carefully observing the signs as they come.

Physical, emotional, and psychological blockages can also interfere with energy flow in your body. These are caused by illness, poor lifestyle and nutrition choices, unexplored emotions, addiction, anxiety, depression, or failure to honor your need for a spiritual connection.

1. Root Chakra

Your root chakra helps you stay grounded, feel secure, and prepare to face challenges. When it’s off, you cannot adapt and may be slow in making decisions critical to your life. Self-esteem becomes an issue as you can’t seem to see your worth.

As feelings of insecurity and being ungrounded threaten to take over, physical signs of pain and stiffness in your limbs take your seemingly unending dilemma up a notch. All this affects your home life which starts being unsettled and chaotic.

2. Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra takes care of your emotional health, creative brilliance, and intimacy. When it is blocked, being vulnerable, even to your partner, closest friends, or family members, becomes extremely hard. You constantly feel overwhelmed, emotional, and out of touch with those around you.

At the same time, imagination and creativity become a thing of the past for you. If you’re creative, this interferes with your work, and your earnings can barely make ends meet. As the physical signs of hip and back problems set in, you also have an inward battle as you struggle to find a healthy self-image.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Responsible for your self-esteem and confidence, some of the signs of a blocked solar plexus chakra include low self-esteem and a highly inflated ego. You feel victimized and powerless, unable to commit to people, your plans, or dreams.

The inability to follow through with your goals makes a bad situation worse and further deepens the wound to your self-esteem. Physical signs of a blocked solar plexus chakra include abdominal pain and digestive issues.

4. Heart Chakra

Have you found yourself lacking compassion lately? Have you been incapable of committing, feeling like you have to go out of your way to please others to be love? Do you find it hard to receive love in any form but instead hold unnecessary grudges?

These are signs of a blocked heart chakra.

The heart chakra allows you to connect with others and show kindness. It also makes it possible for you to nurture relationships for a deeper connection.

With a blocked heart chakra, allergies, asthma, upper back, or chest pains become a constant disruption in your daily life. Your shoulders also feel overly flexible or become tight due to unnecessary tension.

5. Throat Chakra

A blocked throat chakra manifests in different ways. The most commonly used identifier for this is a lack of self-expression. As a result, you’re constantly swayed in the direction of other people as you give in to avoid causing conflict. When you’re called upon to speak, you get nervous and can’t seem to stop stumbling over your words.

Other signs of a blocked throat chakra include a sore throat, neck stiffness or pain, grinding of teeth, and jaw pain.

6. Third Eye Chakra

 An open third eye chakra helps sharpen your intuitive skills. When it is blocked, brain fog, lack of imagination, inspiration, and purpose in life threaten to bring you down. Making decisions becomes very difficult as you have no hope or goals set to guide you.

This causes you anxiety, tension in your forehead, and full-blown headaches that make it hard to focus, even when you’re trying.

7. Crown Chakra

When migraines and tension headaches become the norm in your daily life, it’s time to pay attention to your crown chakra. The crown chakra is responsible for your spiritual connection. When it’s blocked, you have trouble developing this connection with the unseen.

This causes you to be overly attached to material objects you can see. You hold on to properties, achievements, and titles that you feel give you a reputable social standing.

The result of this is a lack of appreciation for the opinions of people you feel are beneath you and your accolades. Away from people, you battle loneliness, aimlessness, and insignificance caused by your lack of perspective.

Other signs that indicate your energy flow is restricted include nightmares and hypertension. At times, you may experience tightness in your chest that makes breathing difficult.

Constant emotional unrest is another tell-tale sign. This manifests as bouts of resentment, jealousy, and anger. It is essential to keep your chakras balanced at all times to avoid all these. You can balance your chakra by having a chakra cleansing session every once in a while.

How to Unblock Your Chakras

Often, blocked chakras are a result of anxiety and stress. These negatively influence your body by creating pressure within its tissues. Such pressure restricts the flow of energy and reduces the mind’s ability to focus peacefully. Hence, the necessary tool for energy control and regulation, meditation, becomes impossible.

How, then, do you unblock and realign chakras to improve your overall well-being? One of the ways is by practicing daily gratitude, which is known to raise your vibrational frequency.

As such, you’re able to attract goodness and positive energy to match what you give out. Other ways include meditation, breathing exercises, and creative visualization. The following are ways you can put these techniques to use for chakra clearing.

1. Chakra Color Meditation

Each of the seven main chakras is represented by a different color. Red is associated with the root chakra, orange with the sacral chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the third eye chakra, and violet for the crown chakra.

When doing a chakra balance through chakra color meditation, find a clean, quiet space where you can relax without disruption. If you know which of your chakras is blocked, you can begin clearing it by focusing on the color associated with the Chakra.

Imagine this color radiating from the center of your chakra till it emanates from your body. Doing this effectively clears the specific chakras you focus on. For thorough chakra cleansing using this method, repeat the process for each chakra by focusing on the different colors.

2. Chakra Balance Chants

The main objective of clearing your chakras is to balance them to ensure they function at optimum capacity. Chakra balance chants are an effective way of achieving this goal.

The chants are designed to heal your body from the inside out. When practicing your om’s, the vibrations echo throughout your body to clear any blockage. These sounds cleanse your chakras and open them for the free flow of energy.

3. Balancing Your Life

Often, blocked chakras it’s an imbalance in your daily life that blocks your chakra. This can be caused by mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional strain. Any imbalance in your life affects your chakras negatively.

Consequently, continuously examining your life’s different aspects ensures blocked chakras don’t bring disharmony to your energy centers.

Ensure your relationships are healthy, eat right, develop your spiritual connection, and make overall sound decisions over your life. This goes a long way in clearing chakras and bringing balance to your life.

4. Sound Healing

Each chakra operates on a different sound frequency. Matching these sound frequencies with specific chakras works to cleanse your chakras in a way similar to chakra balance chants. The vibrations caused by the sound frequencies help clear blockages and promote healthy energy flow within your chakras.

5. Visualization

Manifesting your reality starts from within. Make a habit of visualizing how you want your life to be and the person you want to become. When doing this, be specific about the things you want to achieve.

This creates an emotional response, changing the vibration of your chakras to match that of your future self. The result of this is the manifestation of your dreams to your physical world. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions align with this to help you become the best version f yourself.

6. Meditating With Crystals

Just like the chakra colors, different crystals represent different chakras. Meditating with crystals helps you tap into the power they hold to balance your chakras.

To enjoy the full benefits, choose a crystal that corresponds to the specific chakra you need to cleanse. Important crystals in chakren clearing include amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, selenite, topaz, and citrine.

For chakra clearing to remain effective, you should incorporate it into your daily routine. Practicing simple routines like meditation, chants, yoga, and breathwork will benefit your mind, body, and soul. A few minutes of this helps you feel more grounded and brings clarity to your daily life.

Additionally, ensure you have a daily check-in with your chakras. This helps you identify blocked energy centers that need some extra attention during your daily chakra clearing sessions.

Chakra Meditation

If you’re familiar with the concept of chakras, you’ve probably looked up chakra alignment near me on your phone or laptop. A search like this gives you suggestions of places you can visit to get professional help in chakra clearing.

More often than not, chakra meditation is one of the techniques used in clearing your chakras with the guidance of an expert.

Chakra meditation for chakra cleanse is entirely dependent on you and the professional you engage. As such, each expert uses different methods or a combination of several. When meditating, placing your hand on different chakras’ positions helps you understand them and focus your attention where it’s needed.

If listening to audio suits you better, guided chakra meditations are your best bet for clearing chakras. They point out the color and position of each chakra to help you visualize as you meditate.

On the other hand, being a creative or visual person, focusing on the different colors associated with each chakra works best as you meditate from one energy center to the next.

Steps Involved in Chakra Meditation

For effective chakras cleansing, an average of 15 to 20 minutes should be adhered to through the following steps:

  1. While lying flat on the floor or sitting down, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This helps calm you down and brings your attention within.
  2. Focus your attention on the first energy center, the root chakra, which is your base. While at it, use colors, words, and symbols associated with this chakra to help retain this focus. As you continue with your meditation, keep changing the visual or audio aids you’re using while ensuring they match the different chakras.
  3. Visualize the wheel spinning on the specific chakra you’re cleansing. Watch the direction of the energy flow into your space. Observe this as your breath expands, and you’ll begin to notice the brightness of your chakra, indicating it has been cleansed. Enjoy the coolness and warmth brought by this cleansing.
  4. Move up to the next chakra and repeat this at every point, ensuring you take your tie for a proper chakra cleanse.
  5. As you proceed to your crown chakra, allow your mind to scan your body to assess the progress. Doing this lets you know whether or not the exercise effectively opens and aligns your energy centers.

As you practice chakra meditation, let your intuition guide you and trust it to let you know where you need to pay more attention.

How to Use Chakra Meditation to Open Specific Energy Centers

Chakra meditation is used for overall chakras cleansing. However, this technique of chakra cleansing can also be employed to help unblock specific areas where energy flows through as follows:

  • Balancing the root chakra helps you feel grounded. Meditation to open your root chakra involves venturing outdoors. While taking deep breaths, stand or walk barefoot on the ground and focus on your steps.
  • To open your sacral chakra through meditation, use a carnelian crystal to enhance the process. Enclose the crystal in the palms of your hands while taking deep breaths. Close your eyes and clear out any negativity. Lie on your back and place the crystal over your chakra and meditate on its orange color. Visualize this color spreading its balanced, healing power throughout your chakra.
  • The solar plexus chakra is one of the easiest to open through meditation. You can tap into its energy by taking deep breaths as you sit down in the open outdoors. As your breathing slows down, you gain control of your thoughts and emotions. You can navigate through the routine of your day with ease.
  • Yoga is the go-to technique to open your heart chakra. Different yoga poses help treat your heart and stabilize your emotions, thereby balancing your chakra. In a soothing flow, indulge in poses such as shoulder flossing and full wheel to open this chakra. Towards the end of your session, meditate on life and practice gratitude.
  • When clearing your throat chakra through meditation, it is vital to incorporate crystals and essential oils into your routine. Hold crystals such as blue calcite, turquoise, or blue lace agate in your left hand during meditation. Alternatively, lie down and place these crystals at the base of your throat. Beneficial essential oils for throat chakra clearing are lavender, rosemary, frankincense, hyssop, and German chamomile.
  • To avoid unnecessary overwhelm and anxiety, practice mindful meditation daily. This helps open your third eye chakra, strengthen your intuition and silence your fears. Consequently, you’re able to look beneath the surface and truly understand where the problem lies.
  • The crown chakra provides a connection to your higher self. Meditating on it brings inner peace to your spirit and mind. It increases your consciousness, allowing you to let go of things that no longer serve you. Repeating mantras that connect you with the universe while controlling your breath balances your crown chakra.

Effective chakras cleansing follows a specific order. For instance, it is impossible to try balancing your throat chakra when your sacral chakra is out of unstable. Essentially, you should begin to cleanse your chakras from the first one, the root chakra, to the crown chakra, which comes last.

9 Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is a technique that allows you to tap into the power of all your main chakras. It helps build a solid spiritual connection within you by strengthening each of the chakras and providing access to your inner spirituality.

1. It Rids You of Anxiety

Chakra meditation is an excellent remedy if you keep panicking or feel paranoid in your daily life. Regular practice of this chakra cleansing technique helps clear any fear, doubt, and anxiety to focus on more important things in life.

2. Provides Clarity and Focus

Meditation increases your level of concentration. As such, your focus and memory improve to help you keep your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in check. You are also better positioned to make sound decisions regarding the person you want to be and the things you seek in the future.

3. Heightens Your Intuition

Chakra meditation works to develop a connection with your higher self. The result is that you become more in tune with your inner feelings and emotions, able to listen and understand what they mean. Heightened intuition provides sound guidance to ensure you stay safe and make appropriate decisions in matters affecting your life.

4. Increased Willpower

When your chakras are open and balanced, tapping into their power gives you all the strength you need to pursue your goals. You can explore and discover new things you didn’t know about yourself. Increased willpower also helps you rise above negative patterns like addiction and substance abuse that hinder your prosperity. This increases your joy and happiness in life.

5. Helps You Accept What You Can’t Change

Failure to accept things as they are causes you to get stuck in life. Insecurities weigh you down from outside and within. Hence, you’re in a never-ending battle as self-criticism kicks in and takes a toll on you. Your self-worth takes a hit, and you see yourself getting weak by the day.

Chakra meditation helps clear doubt by bringing acceptance, healing, and strength to keep pushing.

6. Increased Ability to Heal Yourself

Chakra meditation and healing allow you to access the specific place that is hurting and need mending. Doing this helps you overcome negativity’s sting through betrayal, loss, or jealousy from those around you. It helps you see beyond the darkness and focus on the good things.

7. Positive Outlook

When chakra meditation becomes a habit, it enlightens you by opening your heart and mind. This gives you the ability to see beyond the negativity brought by any situation. Instead of seeing the bad, you focus on the good and learn from the experience. You also enjoy and love life more.

8. Reduces Stress

There are times when everything that could go wrong does so. During such times, you feel the weight of the world rest on your shoulders and wonder whether you’ll weather the storm. Chakra meditation helps reduce your stress levels, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and the opportunities that lie ahead.

9. Increased Compassion

Through chakra meditation, you can get right within by tapping into the power that lies deep in your soul. You experience more peace and love. You also become kind and compassionate towards yourself. Once you do this, extending kindness and showing compassion to those around you gets easier.

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