Help heal, cleanse, and repair your personal energy field for love, and magnetize your aura to attract love!

Get back together with the love of your life whether you’ve been apart for a day, weeks, or years!

Lovers Reconnect

Revive – Reunite – Rekindle


Separation from someone you deeply love is heartbreaking. It’s tough losing the connection. But all hope is not lost. With caring reiki energy work, you may rekindle the lost spark and reconnect with your lover regardless of how long you’ve been separated.

The Lovers Reconnect Energy Session focuses on eliminating the bad feelings and thought vibrations from your lover’s energy field and exchanging them with positive energy. This session transforms his/her perception of your relationship to a positive outlook. There were good things you two shared, too, not just problems. It’s time we remind them of the good and direct their focus there.

With an 86% success rate, you can feel quite confident that reuniting with your lover is possible.

No time apart is too long.

You’ve suffered enough. Start your reunion now!

Clearing and Attracting Session –

This reiki session is meant to open the mind of “your love.” He/she needs to know and see all that is good in you. It helps them become more relaxed, letting go of past tensions to receive positive, loving energy.

This session is used to remove negative energy from you and your partner to create a cleaner slate. The past is the past, and it wasn’t completely working. Reiki energy can help clear up the bad energy of the past. Now your love can flow out and attract back more love. It can also help clear up your partner’s resentment, anger, and negative feelings, allowing their love to flow out to you.


Love Magnet Session

You can start with this session if you choose. Still, I recommended you start with the Clearing and Attracting Session first, which will give this session more power.

This distance reiki sends out powerful beams of love energy. It can be directed specifically at the person you ask me to. Or, if you prefer, it can be sent out to the universe to find and attract your soulmate or twin flame. Either way, you’re about to become a magnet for true love.

This session is meant to help them feel strongly and magnetically attracted to you with positive, loving emotion.


Love Connection Booster –

Another follow-up session after either of the other two sessions. This involves less effort as I do the bulk of the foundational work in our initial Clearing and Attracting Session.

The negative energy should be largely gone by now, so let’s give your love interest a big boost in your direction!


Happy Heart Package #1

$ 450
  • 1 Clearing and Attracting Session
  • 3 Love Connection Boosters (weekly)

Love and Be Loved Package #2

$ 600
  • 1 Clearing and Attracting Session
  • 2 Love Magnet Sessions (1 week later, then weekly)
  • 1 Love Connection Booster (4th week)

True Love Package #3

$ 650
  • 1 Clearing and Attracting Session
  • 2 Love Magnet Sessions (weeky)
  • 2 Love Connection Booster ( 3rd, 4th weeks)

I’m Ready for Love Package #4

$ 850
  • 1 Clearing and Attracting Session
  • 3 Love Energy Eruptions (weekly)
  • 3 Love Connection Boosters (weekly with sessions above)

I Will Always
Love You
Package #5

$ 1300
  • 3 Clearing and Attracting Sessions
  • 4 Love Magnet Sessions (weekly with sessions above)
  • 4 Love Connection Boosters (weekly with sessions above)
Best Deal