Lovers Reunite

Lovers Reunite

Lovers Reunite

When shared with the right person, love is a beautiful thing. For most people, however, such highly regarded relationship bliss has proven elusive time and again. From simple misunderstandings to wounds from past experiences, pure ego to outright dysfunction and outside interference, finding true love can be a tasking affair.

Often, it is said that when something goes wrong in love and other matters of life, it is a sign that they’re not meant to be. However, this isn’t always the case as ex-lovers can reunite. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a step back from your ego, past pain and other personal issues that cloud your judgement.

It is only then that you’re able to see what is right in front of you. You’re able to appreciate the situation and the person with whom you’re experiencing it with. This adds value to your relationship, the impact of which goes beyond what you previously imagined.

Reasoning in the moment, even with help from a trusted friend, helps get rid of any bias that makes challenges seemingly impossible to overcome. If you’re looking for new love, trying to reconnect with a past love or hit the refresh button for your current relationship, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Lovers Reunite packages have a proven track record of helping solve discord so that lovers reunite. The energy work involved binds your mind, body and soul with that of a loved one. The positive energy influx helps your crush recognize and take interest in you, making it essential if losing him/her isn’t an option you’d like to explore.

How to Repair a Damaged Relationship

When considering how to repair a damaged relationship, you need to start by identifying the root cause of the problem. This is what led to your current situation, whether separation or divorce. Find ways to effectively express your concerns and work together with your partner to come up with solutions.

In some cases, effective expression kicks off the process of change where you both recognize your faults and work towards a common goal. Rather than struggle with this weight on your own, a mutual decision can be made to seek professional help.

Seeking professional help eases the burden of accumulated sorrow by providing direction and equipping you with the tools you need to avoid a crisis. The guidance offered shows you how to repair a damaged relationship and helps you create a better one.

Repairing a damaged relationship only works when you’re both committed to it. You should be willing to find a resolution for past traumas that may be impeding the process.

Reconciliation After Separation

When you’re deeply in love with someone, losing them is one of the hardest things you could ever go through. The feelings and emotions involved in such a loss make it extremely tough to process. Even for the best of us, getting stuck is almost inevitable especially when you don’t understand or can’t see the reason.

In such a situation, acrimonious actions threaten to become the norm as you try to channel your pain and frustration. Accordingly, reconciliation after separation becomes a necessary tool for you to move on in life. 

If this is your story, this article is for you. We will explore separation and share useful insights on reconciliation in different scenarios. We’ll also give you tips on where to start and share some reconciliation techniques.

Twin Flame Separation

The mortality of human beings makes separation inevitable in life. Whatever the reason, separation causes pain like nothing you ever experienced. The consequences of a twin flame separation are more severe for the parties involved.

Unlike romantic, familial and platonic relationships where you learn how to deal, accept and overcome the pain of separation, a twin flame separation brings pain on another level.

The bond shared by twin flames makes the pain excruciating, almost incapacitating. You feel empty, lost and so profoundly hurt that your world suddenly diminishes in size and value to an almost non-existent level.

As such, your hopes and dreams are crushed and living becomes unbearable. You fall into depression and are in constant anxiety as you process and eagerly wait for an opportunity for reunion. Extreme cases even result to twin flame separation sickness, the symptoms of which include severe headache, chest and stomach pain.

Overcoming the Pain of Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame romance is one of the most blissful relationships that exist. When you find your twin flame, the feeling is that of perfection and being home. You finally feel like you belong and have known your partner all your life.

Still, there is a chance of the relationship turning sour if both of you aren’t careful. Due to the mirror effect, you become each other’s trigger and are constantly at loggerheads as egos clash and old wounds open.

Consequently, separation comes when one of you feels overwhelmed by the mixed feelings. The remaining twin is left confused and devastated, the impact of which is life-altering. This begs a question; how do you overcome the pain of twin flame separation?

1. Submit

When you submit to the feeling of loss and its implications, you’re able to learn important lessons regarding your relationship. You become wiser and begin to appreciate the situation you’re in. with this, acceptance comes and you’re able to love your partner as they are, even from a distance.

It is important to acknowledge that everyone has their own journey in life. In essence, this means that some realizations are put into perspective only after certain things have happened, or you’re in a situation to accept them as they are.

Give your partner time to learn, grow and evolve into the person you’re truly destined to be with.

2. Love Yourself

In today’s world, the phrase “self-love” has continually been used to the point of having some roll their eyes on hearing it. True to the term, loving yourself is one of the greatest joys you could ever experience.

Before diving into the deep end with someone, it is crucial to have an intimate relationship with yourself. Take time to sit in the quiet, read a book you like, explore and go on solo dates. Doing this gives you a profound understanding of what lies within.

You’re able to discover who you are, what makes you happy and your purpose in life. This way, when you find true love, it won’t go up in flames.

3. Revitalize Your Energy

The universe is made up of energies on different levels. In order to get the best out of life, your energy has to match the highest frequencies in the universe. This means letting go of consuming thoughts and feelings.

When you let go of the negativity, you exit the lower echelons of frequency and reconnect with your true self. Consequently, you attract positivity which brings fulfilment. Despite the distance between you and your partner, the intense connection allows them to resonate with the vitality you feel deep inside.

4. Give Thanks

In every situation, give thanks. Absurd as it may sound when your heart is aching, giving thanks works wonders. Be grateful for the big and small things in your life and allow the peace it brings to engulf you.

Reflect on good times you’ve had in the past and be in the present. This opens your eyes to the things you have and the endless opportunities that lie ahead. After this phase of pain, you will surely see things in a different light.

5. Keep Your Purpose in Sight

In every season of your life, make sure you stay focused on your goals and life purpose. Always follow your dreams, make plans on how to achieve them and keep the fire of hope burning within.

Find out what motivates you and let it fuel your passion. Being on your soul’s path is both attractive and fulfilling in a twin flame relationship.

Twin Flame Reunion

A twin flame is the other half of your soul. Different from life partner, a twin flame mirrors your soul. They can share your joy, pain and difficulty as if they were their own experiences. This is the main reason why separated twin flames yearn to reconnect. Simply put, your twin flame is the light to your darkness.

More to their physical and emotional connection, twin flames share a profound spiritual connection. As such, finding your twin flame opens a significant opportunity for you to experience immense spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.

What then, are the stages of a twin flame reunion? How do you go about ensuring that you’re not separated again? Read on to find out.

Twin Flames Reunite After Separation

Can twin flames reunite after separation? The answer is Yes! It is important to note that a twin flame separation only happens physically. However, the circumstances of a twin flame separation can be both internal and external.

As mentioned earlier, a twin flame mirrors your deepest traumas and fears. The purpose of this mirror effect is to help you acknowledge such challenges by bringing them to your attention. Once this is done, you’re in a better position to ask for help and begin the journey to your healing.

Several factors affect the amount of time it takes for a twin flame reunion to happen. These include geographical distance, marriage and family. Marriage and family are one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, especially when those involved don’t understand the magnitude of your sorrow while separated from your twin flame.

You also need to consider whether it’s necessary to prioritize your twin flame reunion over family and the consequences it bears to your loved ones. In the matter of distance, a mutual decision is necessary to determine a favourable course of action for both parties.

Stages of a Twin Flame Reunion

Ever heard that it takes two to tango? A twin flame relationship depicts exactly this. Like any other relationship, a twin flame reunion bears consequences for those involved. There are demands to be met and expectations to be fulfilled at every stage in order for this reunion to work.

1. Acknowledge Something is Amiss

The first step towards the right direction is always recognizing that you’re in the wrong place. Consequently, you have to search your soul to figure out what you really need. A twin flame reunion begins in the same way.

Both parties come to the realization that something is missing from their lives and begin the journey to find the person who completes their soul. Both you and your twin flame understand that your lives are about to take a drastic turn.

The reunion journey is long and painful, especially when other parties are involved. You feel incomplete and you may start projecting your frustration on them. The ending is most painful when you leave to find the one person who can fulfil your needs.

2. Search for Your Twin Flame

After recognizing something is amiss, you embark on a journey to find what completes you. At this point, your intuition guides you and you may not know where it’s leading. Your keen desire pushes you to take up new things like traveling and reading as you explore new areas in your life.

Unbeknown to you, your higher self is creating circumstances that will eventually lead you exactly where you need to be- with your beloved.

3. Chance Meeting

In the journey of a twin flame reunion, a series of meaningful coincidences lead to the first meeting. Once this happens, you both recognize the deep connection you share. The inexplicable attraction, when not understood, can easily be written off by either of you.

Despite human nature, a part of you will always recognize this magical connection and know that the person you just met is bound to change the way you interact with the rest of the world.

4. The Honeymoon Stage

Once you meet your twin flame, the magical connection puts up blinders and you can only see your twin as perfect. Nothing and no one can convince you otherwise. At this point, denying your feelings is impossible.

You discover a different side of yourself as the connection with your twin flame deepens. Your mutual appreciation for this connection goes beyond physical attraction. This is when you realize the purpose of this person in your life- to fulfil the needs that no one else could for either of you.

5. The Mirror Stage

At this stage, the blinders of the honeymoon stage fall off and you go through the greatest challenges of your relationship. You begin to see flaws in the relationship and mirror each other’s faults.

The antagonizing energy that ensues makes it hard for either of you to see the real issue. Ego comes into play as each of you feels the other is in the wrong. The steps taken at this stage determine whether your relationship will stand the test of time or turn into a complete nightmare.

6. Runner/Chaser Stage

In the course of a twin flame relationship, the connection makes each twin change in many ways. There is a constant challenge to grow and reach your full potential in order to fulfil your purpose in each other’s life. When handled in the wrong way, the changes and challenges become too much to bear.

Their intensity makes it unbearable and one of you runs from the relationship. As a result, you enter the runner/chaser stage. The counter-intuitive move made by the runner leaves the other twin bewildered. They run out of fear that the love they feel will be taken away from them.

This period of separation lasts until they’re ready to face their fears by confronting the reality of the situation.

7. Committing to Your Differences

When you realize the dynamics of the relationship you’re in, it becomes easier to put your differences aside. You recognize the role you’re supposed to play in your twin’s life and see its purpose of growth.

This realization marks a new chapter in your life. You start working on your flaws and develop understanding, compassion and kindness for your twin. Triggers in the relationship remain, but the newfound knowledge makes it easier to weather through them without judging the other person.

The knowledge also helps you become vulnerable with your twin as you accept that the things they do and questions they ask come from a place of love.

8. Reunite with Twin Flame

The reason behind twin flame relationships is to help you grow and become who you’re meant to be. A reunite with twin flame helps you work on your shortcomings and helps you progress in your spiritual journey.

The reunite with twin flame stage exists to make it easier for you to peel off the layers that keep you from self-expression. Once this happens, you’re in a position to recapture all the magic you experienced when you first met your twin flame.

Your spiritual shadow is fully merged and you step into your collective power. This is the substance of your connection that makes your energies work in perfect harmony.

Twin Flame Reunion Prayer

By right and preference, everyone adheres to the tenets of the faith they believe in. In the concept where prayer reunite twin flames, one or both of you engage in the practice. Through this, you’re able to show love, honour and power to your beloved.

Prayer awakens the undiscovered parts you each have by connecting your spirit and soul. The result is an incredibly beautiful connection where you attune to the vibration of your twin flame. This way, you’re able to fully express yourself and your twin flame sees your true essence.

Prayer Reunite Twin Flames - Archangel Michael

Archangel Chamuel is believed to be the angel of unconditional love such as that experienced by twin flames. He symbolizes the greatest, purest and holiest form of love that exists in the material and spiritual world.

The Archangel’s ray of service is manifested with the help of his twin flame, Archea Charity. Together, they bring unprecedented challenges to every evolving soul.  Through prayer reunite twin flames, Archangel Chamuel provides personal guidance on your path of light as a twin flame.

If you’re yet to meet your twin flame but wish to do so, a personal intercession to Archangel Chamuel will catalyse the natural process. This prayer reunites twin flames in accordance to divine will, making the union one full of love.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel also helps solve conflict between you and your twin flame by spreading infinite love over you. His divine mission to personally assist in the reunion of twin flames facilitates creation of these beautiful relationships.

Reconciliation After Divorce

When the parties involved are willing, reconciliation after divorce is possible. Below is a highlight of two of the most significant factors that determined whether or not reconciliation is possible.

1. Length of The Marriage

The reality of divorce hits once the process is finalized. Putting your signature on those papers will either put you in a state of shock or wake you up to the new reality of doing life alone. This is especially true when you’ve been with your partner for more than a handful of years.

Odd as it may seem, you may have gone through too much together with your partner that the thought of leaving it all behind gets scary. Here, reminiscent feelings and thoughts take over. If their force is mutual, it drives you back together and you’re able to rediscover passion and joy in each other. Thus, reconciliation after divorce is made possible.

2. Reason for Divorce

On assessment of the situation, the reasons for divorce become prominent. The magnitude of these reasons determines whether reconciliation after divorce is possible. For some, the issues behind divorce can be worked on with the help of a professional.

A good example is when you don’t know how to communicate in the relationship. In such an instance, the union can be restored once the issues have been resolved.

When the reason for divorce is a source of devastation for either of you, more work and time needs to be put into the relationship to determine whether the aggrieved party can trust and feel safe again in the relationship.

How to Fix a Failed Relationship

There is a wealth of tools and information that provide guidance on how to fix a failed relationship. In order for these techniques to work and help mend relationships, the problems involved should be reversible so that you can work to solve them.

Exploring how to repair a relationship after breakup requires you to start over. Looking beyond past failure and hurt is the key to relationship repair. The following tips are a good place to begin this process.

Let Go of Your Pride

In most cases when the need for reconciliation is mutual, pride gets in the way. This makes it impossible to reach across the aisle in an effort to repair your relationship. You’re always waiting for the other person to initiate contact or apologize.

Remember, you’re trying to restart your relationship and all the rules of contact and communication apply. Let go of your pride and reach out to your beloved, just like you did in the beginning. Give random compliments and express your feelings openly. Doing this creates avenues for open dialogue.

Be Candid About What Went Wrong

Once a connection is restored, discuss the problems you experienced in the relationship and the impact they had on you. You may be shocked to find out that some of the big issues you faced were mere trivialities in the eyes of your partner.

However, be sure to do this at the right time, preferably when you both commit to your new relationship. This helps avoid the feeling of being attacked for both of you. Where necessary, seek help from a professional psychic.

Proceed with Caution

During reconciliation with an ex, familiarity towards each other makes it easy to give in to the temptation of diving in like you never left. Instead, resist this urge and take your new relationship one step at a time.

Pay attention to the issues raised by your partner and be present. This will help you understand the needs and expectations in your new relationship. It also gives you and your partner the time you need to get over old feelings for the possibility of success.


As you explore new possibilities by working through your past, make sure you learn new ways to handle problems. Listening to your partner will give you a road map on where to begin and the skills you will need to learn for the relationship to thrive.

Remember, the changes you make are to be implemented for the rest of your lives. As such, they should be made for mutual success of the relationship and not at the detriment of one person.

Why Breakups Hurt

At their core, human beings are social creatures. The thought of doing things and living alone is unsettling. Breakups threaten your very existence and instigate feelings of rejection, isolation, humiliation and pain. This is why breakups hurt so much and are difficult to deal with.

Medically, a breakup is said to be a form of addiction. It activates the part of the brain responsible for reward and motivation. Consequently, dealing with separation from the love of your life feels like withdrawal.

This being the case, nursing a broken heart is no easy thing. This is true whether the break up was expected or unexpected. Your body responds to emotional pain the same way it does to physical pain. Naturally, the rational part of your brain tries to downplay the breakup and its consequences.

The pain of a breakup also alters the production of “happy hormones” in your brain. It is therefore common to fall into breakup depression. Thus, it is necessary to monitor your mental health when going through a breakup.

Breakup regret manifests in different feelings ranging from despair and panic to confusion and anger. Additionally, breakup no contact deprives you of the safety of a healthy, intimate relationship.

Beyond self-examination and self-care, seeking breakup advice is one of the best courses of action to help you move on. This means consulting a professional and techniques that will help you heal. Such techniques include reiki and meditation.


Also known as energy healing, reiki is a practice used in alleviating emotional and physical pain to promote healing. This healing is done by the transfer of energy through laying of hands. Reiki targets the energy fields around your body.

Its aim is to aid in the flow of positive energy by removing stagnant blocks of negative energy that cause illness and pain. As a result, you’re able to relax, experience pain reduction and heal from your affliction.

Notable techniques employed in the practice of reiki include centering, beaming, infusing, clearing, soothing and extracting harmful energies.

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