If you’re familiar with the concept of chakras as mentioned here, you’ve probably heard about energy workers (reiki practitioners) and given them a shot on your journey to find inner peace and healing.

If you’re new to all this and wondering what we’re referring to, get started with our specialty services and read up on aura cleansing. These will give you a solid introduction to energy healing intricacies and why you should try it if you haven’t already.

After gaining this knowledge, you may instinctually start searching for a reiki practitioner near me, reiki therapy near me, reiki master near me, or reiki treatment near me.  You may even see suggestions on the best reiki infinite healer in your town or reiki healing near me during your search. All these are great options, and we strongly advise you to give it a try.

However, before diving into the deep end of this, ensure you have an idea of what it all entails. Equip yourself with knowledge on how it works, what to expect during a reiki session and the benefits of employing an energy worker’s services. This article will explore this and more to make sure you get answers to your questions as you prepare for your debut or next reiki session.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing therapy used to improve your general well-being by managing adverse symptoms like stress, anxiety, and pain. Such symptoms can be caused by an anomaly in your physical, emotional, or spiritual health. Dr. Mikao Usui pioneered the reiki energy healing technique as a way to complement alternative therapies like medicine. As such, this form of energy work is also known as Usui reiki.

Seeking a professional reiki practitioner’s services helps you reap the full benefits of this type of energy healing. During the session, the practitioner places their hands just above you to transfer positive, healing energy into your body. This transfer of power aims to promote healing by encouraging a healthy flow of energy to bring you back to prime health.

Reiki Distance Healing

The practice of reiki is concerned with your energy pathways (meridians), energy fields (aura), and energy centers (chakras). Among these, your energy fields absorb the energy around you; the energy centers break it down while the energy pathways ensure it is spread throughout your body. Just like your physical body, this energy body requires nourishment to ensure its vitality.

As a form of energy healing, reiki is an effective way of nourishing your energy body. It works to rejuvenate the different energy fields when a reiki master channels their energy to you. Over time, distance reiki practice has gained popularity and has become a go-to technique for those on the spiritual journey of self-discovery.

In recent times, however, distance reiki has taken over the wellness journey to ride high in the tide of finding inner peace and purpose. While reiki’s traditional performance was in person, distance reiki has proven that it’s possible to send healing energy to you over time and space. Such energy is sent through your thoughts with visualization and intent from the reiki practitioner.

For distance reiki to be effective, an energy worker is attuned to the practice’s energy frequency. This makes it possible to send a specific frequency of healing energy with great intention and purpose.

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How it Works

In distance reiki, energy workers use their thoughts, feelings, and imagination to send healing energy to you. The first step for a reiki practitioner is to clear their thoughts and feelings to help create a relaxed and positive emotional state. It is only after this happens that the energy worker can generate and send healing energy to you.

In the second step, imagination plays a vital role as the reiki master sends healing energy to you through thoughts. On both sides, this healing energy is seen as white light. The energy worker visualizes it engulfing you as the feeling of peace takes over. As the recipient, the energy sent may make you feel a tingling or warm sensation. Sometimes, this energy is so subtle that you don’t feel a thing.

Reiki practitioners can send energy wherever they want, as long as the intention is pure. This means that you can receive the reiki healing energy without having been to a reiki session. To fully benefit from this, however, there is a catch. The intention of the reiki practitioner has to be in alignment with yours. This is why seeking permission from the energy receiver is a critical factor for any reiki master.

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Becoming an Energy Worker

Do you strongly believe that you can send reiki healing energy? Have you already tried to, and it worked but need help polishing your gift? Start by looking up reiki near me, reiki distance healing, reiki healing near me, or reiki master near me. Any of these searches might lead you to a certified reiki practitioner.

But if you don’t have the time to search or the patience to wait while you ascertain whether a practitioner is certified, you can contact us, and we’ll connect you with one.

After they help you find healing, the next crucial role of a reiki master is to provide teaching and guidance.

As a teacher and guide, the reiki master can help you become a reiki healing practitioner. First in this process is to tune into the reiki frequency. This happens when the reiki master helps open your energy field so you can align with this frequency.

Next in this learning journey is for you to choose between the three levels of reiki training, level I, II, and III. In level I, the reiki master helps you learn how to connect with the universal healing energy. They help attune you with the reiki frequency by sending energy to remove any blockages you may have. Once you’re in tune with the reiki frequency, you qualify as a level I reiki practitioner with energy for self-healing.

Differentiating between reiki symbols and their role in sending healing energy is covered in level II. Each of the characters corresponds to a specific energy of harmony, mastery, power, completion, and distance.

Here, reiki distance healing becomes possible as you learn the reiki symbols and connect more profoundly with the healing energy. The reiki master helps get you fully attuned with the reiki frequency, qualifying you as a level II practitioner able to send healing energy to others.

Level III reiki training is more intense. It is geared towards those who wish to become reiki teachers or masters. Masters help attune new practitioners to provide reiki healing energy to others. It requires a deep commitment to the reiki practice and careful consideration of the different teaching methods. Be sure to do your research to help choose the appropriate instructor and format to suit you best.

Approaches Used in Reiki Distance Healing

There are different methods used to send healing energy from a reiki master to you. Every energy worker is free to choose one that is most effective and comfortable for them.

1. Reiki Symbols

When using reiki symbols, you visualize the person to whom you’re sending the healing energy. Next, differentiate and visualize the appropriate symbol in your mind’s eye while outlining the air using your hand. The symbol used provides you with a specific focus, added power, and intention for energy transmission.

2. The Receiver’s Name

For an effective reiki session, you can write down the energy receiver’s name on a piece of paper. While at it, draw the reiki symbol you wish to use below their name.  In this method, the writing becomes your subject. You send healing energy to it using your hands and visualize the recipient enjoying its warmth, thereby benefitting from it.

3. Photos

As a reiki master, you can choose to work with the receiver’s photo. Looking at this photo helps you direct healing energy more accurately to that person. Using a picture also enables you to see and connect with that person’s energy subconsciously. You can then visualize them engulfed in the beautiful light of healing energy as you send reiki to them.

4. Using a Proxy

While practicing reiki therapy, you can use your hands for visualization. If using your hands is more comfortable, having a surrogate object to replace the person to whom you’re sending healing energy goes a long way.

Hence, you can use a stuffed doll as their representation. During the reiki process, you set your intention on this object. Draw reiki symbols over this proxy and send energy by placing your hands in specific positions.

When practiced by qualified energy workers, reiki healing works instantaneously. The longer you send healing energy, the more effective and beneficial it becomes to the receiver. Remember that intention is a key determinant of how fast energy flows. As such, make sure your thoughts and intentions while practicing reiki is powerful and positive.

Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing

  • Sending healing energy becomes possible regardless of the distance. With distance reiki, you can send healing energy to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • You can send distance healing reiki to someone where they’re most comfortable. For instance, some people find it impossible to relax in spaces that are not their own. When helping such a person, distance healing reiki makes it possible for them to receive the full reiki benefits where they are most comfortable. Being calm and relaxed helps maximize the benefits of such energy work.
  • For a reiki infinite healer, distance healing reiki brings more access. This means that while more people benefit from their services, their client base also expands. Suppose you search for reiki therapy near me, reiki practitioner near me, or reiki treatment near me and come up short. In that case, distance healing reiki allows you to book and receive a reiki healing session from a qualified practitioner.

Reiki and The Chakra System

The chakra system is made up of energy centers linked to major organs in your body. When out of sync, these energy centers interfere with how your body works. Reiki is one of the most effective techniques used to address energetic imbalances in your body. It is targeted at the seven chakras along the spine to help relieve bodily pain and stress.

Performed by placing hands just above specific positions, reiki helps restore upward flow from the root chakra or downward flow of energy from the crown chakra. The practice helps sustain the vertical flow of energy that brings about balance in the chakras. Reiki invites stillness into your body to help with the deep relaxation of the mind, body, and soul to fast-track your spiritual journey.

To become a reiki master, your chakras, specifically the crown, heart, and those located in the palms of your hands, have to be open. Only then can you help yourself and others on their spiritual journey.

As a practitioner, different guides help you provide healing. They provide you with essential healing information about you or the person seeking help from you. Seeking support from the guides affects the level of healing you provide.

Reiki causes energy shifts in the receiver to help clear low energy from their body. As the receiver, once your energy flow is normalized, your aura and chakras balance to provide relief for any physical symptoms you have been experiencing. You raise your energetic vibration and frequency, which helps to connect with your higher self for clarity.

Reiki to Unblock Chakras

You can use reiki to address imbalances in your chakras as follows:

  1. Root Chakra – When the root chakra is blocked, you are constantly on edge and barely surviving due to an identity crisis. Reiki helps you feel more grounded, connected, and supported.
  2. Sacral Chakra – This chakra is dictated the magnitude of your creativity. Unsolved issues easily block it, which ends up clouding your vision and judgment. Practicing reiki helps bring such matters to the surface so that you can identify them and begin your journey to healing.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Have you ever wondered what controls your self-esteem, awareness, and protection? The answer is your sacral chakra. It is a power center that can cause significant instability and discomfort when out of balance. Through reiki energy healing, it’s possible to clear blockages in these chakras to help you take charge and action over your life.
  4. Heart Chakra – Responsible for expressing love and compassion, the heart chakra can cause a profound disconnect between yourself and others when blocked. Reiki opens this chakra to help you be more accepting of love and kindness meant for you or those around you.
  5. Throat Chakra – When the throat chakra is unbalanced or blocked, telling your truth is next to impossible. Often, you find yourself at the mercy of those around you. Reiki helps clear this chakra so you can express yourself more openly and confidently.
  6. Third Eye Chakra – Another word for this chakra is intuition. It controls your perception and guides you in life. When you perform reiki on this chakra, you can hone in on your intuitive power.
  7. Crown Chakra A blocked crown chakra causes chaos in your spiritual life. Thus identifying your purpose becomes hard, causing internal turmoil. Reiki helps open this chakra for a powerful sense of safety and trust in the world.

Top 7 Reiki Benefits

Regardless of the level at which you practice it, reiki benefits are immense. From energy level balancing to healing emotional trauma and physical pain, the practice has endless rewards.

1. Better Sleep

Among the top benefits of attending a reiki session, whether in person or distance healing reiki is relaxation.  The immediate aftermath of the process helps you sleep better, think more clearly, and feel better about yourself. In most cases, the relaxing effect occurs during the session, making it possible to sleep as the process continues.

2. Promotes Inner Peace and Balance

Reiki is an active, non-invasive mode of energy healing that brings balance and harmony. Instead of masking physical symptoms of pain and disease, reiki activates your body’s natural healing ability and energizes you for overall wellness. It also provides relief for emotional and mental stress while improving vital functions of the body like breathing.

3. Creating Awareness

A reiki session provides you with some alone time. Once your energy centers are unblocked during the session, you become more aware of what is happening in your mind and body. Learning to listen to your body helps you make the right decisions concerning your life and well-being. Thus, you become more intuitive.

4. Clarity

Reiki helps clear your mind of any clutter that may be preventing focus and sound judgment. You feel more centered and grounded in the present instead of getting caught up in past pain and regret. Clearing your mind also strengthens you to cope and accept things as they are.

5. Growth and Cleansing

Regardless of whether or not you’re spiritual, reiki benefits cut deep. Reiki creates profound change in you through subtle energy shifts to address the whole person. The inspiration and guidance provided make it easy to see things from a different point of view. This helps you look at challenges positively and overcome them.

6. Clears Energy Blocks

One of the leading causes of stress is energy blocks within your body. These make it hard for the body to function optimally. Reiki helps clear this to restore the free flow of energy. This promotes a natural balance of the mind, body, and spirit for a calmer and more peaceful state of being. Cleared energy blocks also heal mental and emotional wounds. Fear and frustration are relieved as your relationships become stronger.

7. Body Cleanse and Support

Reiki reminds your body how to return to a state of balance after going through a stressful experience. Reiki allows you to maintain your health and vitality by allowing your body to digest and rest better, making you more productive without the risk of burnout.

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