Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Human beings are interconnected in various ways. They share good and bad times with family, friends, and their community. Sometimes, they share these moments with total strangers. At that moment, you share all the raw feelings and energy in the environment.

It is through these connections that people share happiness and sadness. Through our specialty services, we can connect with you, share what you’re going through and help you find a lasting solution.

These specialty services are offered by our expert practitioners, who mainly use energy work. A session with us helps you find healing, connect with a loved one, balance your chakra, and cleanse the energy around you. To do this, we use holistic practices that have proven effective for centuries. The most prominent one is reiki (energy healing).

Whether you’re looking to attract a soul mate, alleviate negativity, find peace, attract better opportunities or fix your relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our specialty services packages and choose one that best suits your needs!

Angel Service

Do you find it hard to forgive your partner’s mistakes? Are you trying to reconnect with an old love? Have your previous relationships left you so scarred that moving on to find new love seems impossible? If this is your story, stick around to find out the benefits this angel service session has in store for you.

Throughout life, there are angels always working for your good. Their sole purpose is to help in your journey by providing guidance, strength, and protection to make sure you serve your highest good. During an angel session, the archangels are summoned to help clear the debris left behind by the challenges you’ve been through.

Angels provide advice and wisdom. They help purify and illuminate the light you hold within, thereby calming and uplifting you. This gives you a chance to discuss any issues you have and keep an open mind to find a working solution.

An angel session helps in your journey of healing. When the existing negative energy and resistance are cleared, healing flows freely from the angel. This allows you to move forward healthily, having dealt with your pain points.

Benefits of an Angel Session

  • An angel session prepares your mind, body, and soul to recognize and accept divine assistance.
  • You learn how to sense and receive messages from your angels.
  • You can release negative thoughts, fear, doubt, and guilt as your intuition deepens and creativity expands.
  • An angel session opens your mind up to multiple possibilities – your mind shifts from lack and self-criticism to abundance, joy, and confidence.
  • After an angel session, your sense of security is validated, and you know someone is keeping an eye out for you. This lets you expose false beliefs that confine you, allowing you to heal and enjoy life without limitations.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is a form of reiki (energy healing) whose primary focus is channeling energy into the chakras (energy centers) of your body. Each of these energy centers is connected to specific major organs and nerves, making them of vital importance in your overall well-being.

Admittedly, there are times you feel out of sync. Explaining this becomes very hard, especially if you’re not familiar with this concept of chakras and their role in your life. Sometimes, blocked chakras manifest through emotional and physical symptoms. It is, therefore, necessary to balance them (keep them open) to make sure they don’t interfere with any aspect of your daily life.

To do this, you need to be familiar with the seven main chakras of your body. In this section of the article, we will highlight them; give you tips on knowing when one or all of them are off, and balance them. Additionally, we will share the importance of having them balanced at all times.

Main Chakras of the Body

There are seven main chakras in your body, each located explicitly along your spine. The first one is located at the base of your spine, with the rest extending upwards to the crown of your head. The following is a highlight of the energy centers and the uniquely different roles played by each. We have also added a note on how to identify when one is out of balance.

  1. Root chakra – This is the first energy center of your body. It is also known as Muladhara and is responsible for your survival and security. When balanced, the root chakra gives you the strength to go through challenges. Simply put, it keeps you grounded and provides a foundation for life. When you find it extremely hard to trust others, continuously look over your shoulder, or feel depressed for no apparent reason, the root chakra is an excellent place to start your evaluation.
  1. Sacral chakra – Also known as svadhisthana, this is the second and most important chakra for emotional health and stability. It is located below your belly button and is responsible for intimate energy and creative brilliance. The sacral chakra also determines how you connect with your feelings and those of the people around you. Ever found you could not connect with someone at a certain point in time? Your sacral chakra was most likely responsible for this.
  1. Solar plexus chakra – The other name for this third chakra is the Manipura. It gives you the self-esteem, confidence, and control you need over your life. The solar plexus chakra is located in the stomach. When you always second guess yourself or feel unworthy, the chances are that this chakra is out of balance.
  1. Heart chakra – This fourth energy center is also known as Anahata. As the name suggests, heart chakra symbolizes your ability to open yourself up to deeper connections. It is responsible for how you show love, kindness, and empathy to those you come across. When out of balance, this chakra can cause a sad turn of events characterized by unnecessary hostility towards others.
  1. Throat chakra – As the fifth energy center, the throat chakra is responsible for your verbal communication eloquence. It is located in the throat, hence the name throat chakra. Throat chakra helps you articulate ideas to help others understand them better. When verbal communication seems hard, something is interfering with this chakra. It would be best if you, therefore, searched deep to root out the problem. Another name for this chakra is visuddha.
  1. Third eye chakra – Also known as Ajna, the third eye chakra determines your intuitive skills. If you have a sharp third eye chakra, your intuition is strong, and your imagination is almost vivid. With keen attention, this intuition will always steer you away from trouble by warning you of impending danger. Your third eye chakra is located between your eyes. If you ignore this chakra, you’ll find yourself facing avoidable challenges time and again.
  1. Crown chakra This is the last of the main chakras in your body. It is also known as Sahasrara and is located at the top of your head. The crown chakra helps you connect with your higher self to ensure you live out your life’s purpose. It also symbolizes the existing spiritual connection with yourself, those around you, and the world at large. Have you ever found yourself lost on why you’re alive and what you’re meant to accomplish? If you have, pay close attention to your crown chakra. With time, you’ll find the answers you seek.

How to do Chakra Balancing with Reiki

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of chakras and their purpose, the next step is to find out how always to keep them in check. Doing this requires they stay balanced at all times to make sure they play their different roles effectively.

A chakra is either out of balance (hyperactive) or blocked. The effects of a hyperactive or blocked chakra can manifest in the organs close to where it is located. The result of this can be physical or emotional turmoil. You may go through bouts of depression, anger, indecisiveness, fear, and sadness in extreme cases, all in quick succession.

Uncovering the root cause of your experiences requires close attention to physiological and psychological stimuli. Reiki is one of the most effective ways to help alleviate symptoms of blocked chakras.  This powerful technique can target your main energy centers and help get you back to your usual self with chakras performing at optimum levels.

How it Works

As a form of energy healing, reiki focuses on your energy centers to restore the correct flow of life energy (also known as Chi, Ki, or Qi) throughout your body. The purpose of this is to effectively get rid of the energetic blocks and imbalances that prevent you from living a healthy life.

A qualified Reiki practitioner lays their hands over your body, allowing their energy to flow through your blocked chakras to awaken them. Following the chakras allows energy to be focused where it is needed the most. As such, it is easier to provide specific emotional, physical, and spiritual treatment through reiki.

An energy work practitioner assesses your emotional symptoms to determine the position of blocked chakras in your body. For each chakra, there are unique colors and symbols. These are especially helpful when visualizing energy flow, which helps sharpen your healer’s focus as they work.

How to Unblock Chakra

Over the centuries, several methods have been developed to help unblock chakras. These methods are designed to help you take a more active role in your healing. One way to do this is by creating symmetry in your body by practicing yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Combined, these bring you clarity of mind and encourage energy flow.

A professional energy healer helps you master these techniques to ensure uninterrupted energy flow through all your chakras. Each chakra has a specific yoga pose that helps you calibrate its energy as follows:

  • Balancing poses such as the tree, mountain, or warrior pose are some of the best yoga techniques that help establish a stronger relationship with your body and awaken your root chakra.
  • Deep hip openers are excellent for strengthening your sacral chakra. These include the lizard, bridge of pigeon pose that works to boost energy in your pelvic floor.
  • Core strengthening poses help awaken your sacral chakra and bring more balance to it. An excellent example of these is the boat or triangle pose.
  • For the heart chakra, heart openers like the camel or wheel pose work best to unblock it. Other techniques that help open your arms, chest, and shoulders can also be combined with heart openers. These include the humble warrior pose and the cow face pose.
  • The plow and fish poses are your best bet to awaken throat chakra – these work to open up your neck at the front and back sides.
  • For the best results, awakening your third eye chakra requires poses that intimately connect your upper and lower body. Examples of these are the folded eagles and forward fold. These allow your higher self (soul) to establish a connection with the more stable parts of your body. As such, it becomes possible to manifest your dreams into reality in the physical world.
  • The crown chakra is the most essential as it determines your destiny in life. It rules your soul, making it the most powerful of the seven main chakras. To awaken this vital connection, the corpse pose (savasana) works best. It helps strengthen your crown chakra through connection to your soul.

Top 5 Benefits of Balancing Your Chakra

Chakras bring in and emit energy that flows into your daily life. It can be challenging to navigate through life when this energy stops flowing freely. The result of this is an unnecessary strain in your relationship. You start having a hard time expressing yourself, lack of self-esteem, moodiness, bitterness, fear of commitment, and loneliness.

These physical and emotional manifestations put certain aspects of your life in jeopardy when you start projecting them to your loved ones and others around you. Promoting the free flow of energy helps you:

  • Remain calm despite the chaos of everyday life, which gives you time to process and respond appropriately.
  • Show kindness and compassion without letting the pain and weight of other people’s issues affect you.
  • See challenges for what they are and not let them bring your life to a standstill.
  • Get the better of these challenges by trusting your intuition to guide you in handling them correctly. By so doing, you can avoid traumas that scar you for life.
  • Achieve an attitude of gratitude for daily providence. This keeps you happy, in the moment, confident, energetic, and free to enjoy life.

Aura Cleansing

Have you been feeling wound up lately? Trying to catch a well-deserved rest, but your mind and body won’t let you? You may be in time for a healthy dose of aura cleansing. So, what is aura cleansing? What is an aura? Read on to find out!

Aura refers to the energy fields that surround your body. It is like a bubble in which your life exists. These energetic fields/bubbles have an ever-changing color as they pick up on the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects around you. They are vulnerable and may be interfered with when you interact with people who have stronger or disruptive energetic fields. Thus, it is necessary to cleanse your aura to make sure you protect your energy.

Aura cleansing helps harmonize your energy fields and protects you from external harm by certain people or situations. As such, aura cleansing goes hand in hand with chakra balancing. When you’re around other people, there is a constant energy exchange. Your auric field may be weakened as you pick up on negative energy and emotions from those around you.

Therefore, it is normal to feel anxious, stressed, irritated or fatigued, especially amid a crowd. When left to linger, the emotions you pick up from others can profoundly impact your life. This impact is realized through a negative perspective of the world or susceptibility to illness.  Aura cleansing is, therefore, a necessary practice to help keep you free, clean, and intact. It enables you to release the build-up of emotional and physical experiences to avoid their adverse effects.

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura

Aura cleansing and chakra balancing employ specific similar techniques to accomplish results in the physical and mental space. In the mental space, remedies are found through breathing exercises, intention setting, and meditation.

Aura cleansing helps rid you of negativity in any form and bring out the best version of you by combining yoga with the following physical remedies:

1. Free-form Writing

In free-form writing, the trick is to write whatever comes to your mind first. Doing this enables a free flow of ideas, both positive and negative. Put them down on paper and only stop when you feel exhausted.

In some cases, a reiki practitioner may advise you to do this within a set time limit. If this time lapses but your thoughts keep streaming in, the timer is reset, and you’re allowed to go for as long as you need. At the end of this, you should have released what was meant to be put out.

When doing this under professional guidance, you’re not allowed to read what you’ve written. This is because reading these words defeats the purpose for which it is set. Once you’re done, shred or burn the pieces on which you’ve written. In the process, continue freeing your mind, body, and spirit of all unnecessary energy.

The final step in this process is washing your hands. This lets you possess the brighter aura you seek.

2. Smudging

Burning dried white sage is a technique used in different cultures of the world. It is aimed at clearing negative energy harbored by people or places. As such, it is highly effective in cleansing your aura. During smudging, sage is lit, and the perfumed smoked is allowed to waft around you.

The practitioner circles your head and outlines your entire silhouette with this smoke. Other alternatives to using sage for this practice include burning other sacred herbs like thyme and cedar.

If you need aura cleansing but prefer to skip the smoke altogether, a selenite crystal works the same magic as a burning sage. It is traced around your body to help cleanse your aura. Additionally, you may be given a selenite lamp to help you maintain this cleansed aura. Lighting this lamp in your private space keeps negative energy out of it.

3. Aura Cleansing Bath/Shower

Using water to banish negativity is another ancient practice for aura cleansing. During an aura cleansing shower or bath, you use sacred herbs, salts, and essential oils to rid yourself of negative energy.  Your bath water additions include lavender or eucalyptus oil, Himalayan or Epsom salts and sage, sandalwood, or rose.  These work to relieve you of stress and enhance the cleansing effect.

Visualize the negative energy leaving with the draining water and a divine flow of energy dominating as you cleanse your body. Remember to drain the remaining water and throw out the flowers and herbs after a single use for maximum effect.

4. Mantras and Affirmations

For this to work, make sure you’re in a quiet place that is free of interruption. With your eyes closed, visualize yourself engulfed by white light and start chanting mantras and positive affirmations that resonate with your soul. Repeat this as many times as you need to feel their message vibrate through your body.

Practicing mantras and affirmations daily helps maintain a clean aura and strengthen your energetic field.

5. Swimming in a Lake/ Walking in the Rain

Walking in the rain is almost similar to a shower while swimming in the lake is compared to taking a bath. As you walk in the pouring rain, close your eyes and visualize all the negativity being soaked away by the droplets.

Swimming in the lake has a similar effect of washing away all the toxicity surrounding you. After this, you come out renewed and refreshed.

Benefits of Cleansing Your Aura

Aura cleansing works for you in every way. While practicing cleansing techniques, make them a habit, and you’ll notice yourself begin to:

  • Feel more optimistic in life with a sharper intuition. Cleansing also makes you a joy for other people to be around.
  • Attract like-minded people. When you rid yourself of negative energy and allow positivity to take over, you begin to attract people of the same nature. It is, therefore, easier to maintain your aura without interacting with negativity and its draining effects.
  • Connect with your soul on a profound level. By cleansing your aura, you remove all mental blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential. Hence, your journey in life becomes easier and your purpose clearer.
  • Rise above the effects of negative energy like stress, anxiety, and physical illnesses. This creates harmony within your body. Once this is done, your mind and soul follow suit.
  • Let go of things that no longer serve you. This clears up the space needed for new beginnings and mental spaces. It also works to boost your confidence and give you the courage to move forward.

Take Away:

Energy work and reiki are essential components for staying in touch with your higher self. For the best results, engage the services of an experienced practitioner. Better yet, try out the different packages offered in our specialty services, and you’ll be impressed with the results!

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